Peace of Mind Management Client Testimonials

“Being an entrepreneur in the city and owning several rental units, I found it difficult to manage my business and make sure my properties were well maintained.  Finding Peace of Mind Management was the best thing that ever happened.  The services they provide have not only given me the opportunity to focus on my business but has allowed me to further my real estate investments in this fast growing city.  Hats Off to Jonathan and his team!”
P. Stoddart – Investor/Entrepreneur- 12 Units

“Peace of Mind Management has given us great service. Being an owner from Calgary it is nice to know that they are taking care of things and keeping our tenants happy. From pest control to fixing leaks they will take care of it for you. I would recommend them.”
Kevin Redmond
1279290 Alberta Ltd.
Investor-  2 Townhouses/4 Condos

“Being a landlord can be a trying experience to say the least, but when you add to the equation that your properties are 2,000 miles away, it is essential to the success of your investments to have the best management in place that is available.   Choosing to work with the Jonathan & his team @ Peace of Mind has proven to me that I still know how to identify like minded entrepreneurs who excel in their chosen field, and put their customers needs high on their priority list.  They therefore indeed give me the “peace of mind” that I need, and that their name suggests.”
RJ Keilhauer
Investor \ Entrepreneur
22 Units

“You guys have been doing such a good job giving me peace of mind that I can’t recall off hand what the rent is or how long they’ve been there…Thanks for your attention to the details.”
Bryan Pelkey

“I really like the format of the monthly statements”
Melanie Barr

“Thank you so much for everything this past year … it has been our pleasure to work with such a fine company.”
Murielle Provost

“No need to thank me, YOU have been the fantastic one! I will be telling my grandchildren about what you did someday.  With many thanks and deep gratitude,”
Investor – 6 units

“Yes – I am Interested in participating for the two apartments that are vacant; Corkery and Princess.  Good to see this initiative and email to people to show what POMM is proactively doing.  thanks! “
Brent McGovern

“I would not hesitate to highly recommend POMM, very honest, efficient and fast in taking care of problems. Easy to deal with and the staff are fabulous. I don’t have a care in the world now that they have taken over, my worry days are long over!! I now have time for ‘me’!

Peace of Mind Management Tenant Testimonials

“I thank you (Beth), Mario, Catherine and all the staff for your service as the managers of the property which I have called home for the last couple of years.  You are all very professional, courteous, expedient and kind, and truly seem to work in the best interests of all of those with whom you deal, both property owners and tenants.  Unfortunately, that can be a rarity in your line of business, and I thank you all for being that shining exception!”
Gary Stackhouse

“Thank you for a very good 4.5 years at this address.  The apartment is very quiet and updated.  The maintenance workers for Peace of Mind Management are courteous and prompt.  The office staff (Beth) is extremely accommodating.. Again, thank you for a wonderful experience.”
Keith MacManus

“It is with regret that I must give notice.  I must admit this has been a good rental experience.”
Charles Sullivan

“Please accept this small token of appreciation for your prompt and kind service, in regards to the problem I had with my fridge a couple weeks ago.  I would Also like to thank the gentleman that was kind enough to come and fix my fridge that same day.  I must say you have a great staff working for your company that had to come in and work on the problems in my apartment.  Many Thanks.”
Joyce Goddard

“I have had a great experience with your company and the apartment…  Thank you for all you have done for me and for always giving me Peace of Mind. ;)”
Kelly Aitken

“I really appreciate the service I’ve received while being under POMM over the past few years. If anyone were to ever ask me about your properties i would recommend them in a heart beat. Thank you.”
Anthony Sabean

“We just wanted to say thank you so much for the quick response to our dryer problem. We received a call Thursday morning from the repairman and he was in this morning (Friday) to fix it. We are super impressed with your company and how helpful you have all been! Thanks again.”
Caitlin Clem & Colin Banks

“First of all YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!
I just want to say thank – you for being patient while I caught up on the rent. The heat here is great now that the pump was replaced, before this I always felt cold and the bathroom is cozy after being insulated. I no longer feel a cold breeze across the floor.
Thank – you for everything that has been done”
Judy Dow

“I know people are quick to complain when things aren’t done, so I just wanted to let you know that I was VERY pleased to come home to my back door being fixed and new taps on my bathroom sink. Tell Blaine and/or whoever else was responsible thanks from the grumpy old lady at Victoria Street!”
Tanya Willston